Great follow-up poetry workshops in your classrooms that put words on paper and give voice to feelings.

The best way to maximize the benefits to the kids is to send Gary into the classrooms after the performances. Kids are excited and ready to put words on paper and give voice to their feelings. They are ready to write poems, explore their senses, and best of all, share their work with each other. Time after time, they have to just about drag Gary out of one class and on to the next while the kids hang on to him shouting "Can I share one more? Can I share one more?!" When poetry is presented in accessible, concrete terms, kids respond brilliantly. That’s what makes poetry so universal.

"I just wanted to thank you for yesterday’s assembly. The class really enjoyed it, and wanted to begin to write poems when we returned. You were great! The kids were into it the whole time… Thanks again!"
~Theodora Dokos, Spring Valley Elementary, Millbrae

" … You tickled the funny bones of the audience and touched their hearts as well… I believe you inspired each and every one with the idea that he/she could write their own poetry."
~Cheryl Houts, Children’s Librarian, Los Altos Library