“the children enjoyed it very much”

"Thanks for a great presentation and performance. The children enjoyed it very much. I loved your crowd control/class management techniques!"
~Mimi Seeley, Cherrywood School, San Jose

“wonderful assembly”

"Gary, I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful assembly you provided our students at Laurel. I have passed on your name to other administrators…"
~Liz Ybarra, Laurel Elementary, Oakley, CA

“I was so impressed!”

"Thanks for such a great day you spent here… I was so impressed!"
~Dori O’Toole, Alta Heights Elementary, Napa, CA

“sincere, encouraging comments”

"Thank you so much for the poetry inspiration you shared with us… We were the 4th grade class you visited afterwards. My students could tell you were excited about what they wrote, and were surprised and proud of their poetry… I also learned a lot about responding to students work by listening to your sincere, encouraging comments to them all…"
~L. Butsuda, Fredericksen Elementary, Dublin

“the kids were into it the whole time”

"I just wanted to thank you for yesterday’s assembly. The class really enjoyed it, and wanted to begin to write poems when we returned. You were great! The kids were into it the whole time… Thanks again!"
~email from Theodora Dokos, Spring Valley Elementary, Millbrae

“spread the word”

"Sometimes when we hire people from flyers, as we did you, they’re not always good. But your show was great! I’ll spread the word.."
~Carol Stewart, Cooper Elementary, Vacaville, CA

“the kids loved it!”

"We really appreciate all the hard work you did for us… the kids loved it! I’m mailing some of their poetry work they wanted to share with you."
~Rebecca Robinson, V-P Joshua Cowell Elementary, Manteca

“a great, great time”

"I was worried when our teachers said they were bringing in a poet. We once had one who bored the kids to death. But we had a great, great time today!"
~Introduction by the Principal, Norman Elementary, West Sac.

“wonderful show”

"We really wanted you to know, That we really liked your wonderful show…"
~Room 2, Grant Elementary, San Jose

“reaaaally like your show”

" I reaaaally like your show! Great Job! "
~Daniel Arauz, teacher, Valley View Elementary, Richmond

“love of poetry and words”

"All the kids and teachers had a great time listening to your show…. thank you for sharing your love of poetry and words with us."
~Donna Caulson, teacher St. Peter’s Lutheran School

“enriching the minds and lives of our youth”

"Thank you for enriching the minds and lives of our youth!"
~Bay Point Library Staff

“trees growing in my brain”

"Our students thoroughly enjoyed your assembly! I wanted to share a comment one of my students made after returning to class. ‘Mrs. Braverman, [Alexa said] I have a whole orchard of trees growing in my brain. Some are just getting started and some are already in Winter, but by the time I get to college they’ll be full-grown!’ What a precious response. I encouraged her that her ‘orchard’ would continue to grow as long as she lived… Thanks for your input into the lives of our children. Keep on sharing and growing!"
~email from Anita Braverman, 2nd grade teacher, San Miguel Elementary, Sunnyvale

“you were miraculous”

" … All the kids in my class thought you were miraculous! Maybe you could come again sometime."
~Katy, 4th grader at Beach School, Piedmont, CA

“they want you back!”

"Thanks for your wonderful performances at Deer Creek. Your teacher evaluation was really ‘great’ and they want you back!!"
~Lisa Ruggierro Deer Creek Elementary, Nevada City

“I was amazed”

"Your professional performance captured the children and adults… I was amazed to see how the little ones sat still and listened to your stories and poems!"
~Sandy Wee, Librarian, Los Gatos Public Library


"You were SPECTACULAR! You kept everyone’s attention."
~Wendy Ulmer, PTO President, Whisman Elementary Mountain View

“share your gift with the world”

"What a great way to share your gift with the world!"
~Christine Muzik, Principal, Ellis Elementary, Sunnyvale, CA

“Gary, you were terrific!”

"Gary, you were terrific! The kids really loved your performances!"
~Christine Naples, Park School, Hayward

“best assembly we had this year”

"A couple of our teachers told me after the show that yours was the best assembly we had this year, which is a pretty high compliment because we’ve had some really good ones. They really liked the way you engaged the kids."
~Renee Heff, Parent-Teacher Association, Alex Anderson Elementary, San Jose

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