Playing with O.B., My Cat

by M. M.
4th Grader
Dublin, CA

O.B. is a black and white cat

He has yellow eyes and a beige nose,

His purr is like the motor starting in a cold car.

He smells like a wet dog when coming in from the rain.

He looks so happy while I carry him around the house,

When I get in trouble and think everyone hates me,
I know I can go find him,

Get very happy,

And most importantly, know someone really loves me.

The Meadow

by Katy
age 9
Beach School

Deep in the meadow where the grass grows green.
I sat down to look at the magnificent scene,
Birds were singing,
Flies were winging,
Frogs were croaking,
Deer were joking,
The grass grew tall,
Young boys would play ball,
Spiders built their web so nice and carefully,
I almost forgot the big blooming tree,
The brown shingle houses were made with such grace,
Cotton tailed bunnies were having a race,
Owls a-hooting a merry tune
I looked up to see the big full moon,
Loving hearts found each other,
Just like me, my father, and mother.


by K.W.
5th Grader
Pine Grove, CA

Even though they protest
the soldiers left
with sons and daughters crying
they still leave their nest
Mothers and Fathers yelling like brutes
and packing their supplies
their wife’s feelings they will never know
and even people despise
the war they know will never end
and many hearts will break
when they’re under sure fire
but with their feelings, they will take
as the soldiers start seaward
some people weep
some people on camera
make their sons lie
"that’s not my mom,
I don’t know him"
maybe they want to be there
some soldiers stood at rim
wishing they were home
but want to help
the greatest country ever
keep our hearts united
in this wonderful place
we call America

Reading About Reptiles

Shelby N.
4th Grader
Frederiksen Elem.

I see a cobra in my book.
It’s black brown and gray.
And I can almost hear it hiss, in a way.
If he was alive he could smell me,
with its forked tongue.
I touch the picture.
I could feel its scales!
I think it is coming alive,
and I think I will stay,
to watch him.


by Marissa D.
4th grader
Frederiksen Elem.

The sight of the
black and white
keys going up
and down.
The sound of the
notes coming
out of it.
The touch of the
keys at my
The feeling that I
accomplished one
of my goals.
The relaxing sense
of making music.
Ah, playing the piano.

Playing With My Dog Ruby

by J.S.
4th Grader

I see my black dog Ruby,
jumping up in the air,
and running around.
I hear her barking loudly,
and the squeaking cat toy.
I feel her soft, silky fur
and her wet tongue up against my face
and the rough rug under my feet.
I smell her sour breath.
I love playing with my dog, Ruby.


by J. C.
4th Grade
Fredericksen Elem.

I see the ball,
Going back and forth.
I feel the ball fly
off my cleat.
I hear people shouting,
"Let’s go quick silver."
I smell the fresh
Green grass.
I could taste the
water come off the wet ball when I
kick it.
I know that soccer is the best
Sport for me.

I Wish I Can …

by L.P., 3rd grader
Latimore Elementary
San Jose

I can serve a high volleyball over the net, so I score a point for my team.

I can jog my dog and baby sister down and up my street.

I can’t take back all the mean things I’ve said and pretend they never happened.

I wish I could.